Mr Fixer Upper, the new romance from the 2023 bestselling Tiktok sensation!
Hodder and Stoughton
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Mr Fixer Upper

the new romance from the 2023 bestselling Tiktok sensation!

Hodder and Stoughton

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'He started to work the laces of his boots loose. Toeing them off, he tugged
his t-shirt over his head.
"Oh my God. What are you doing?" Paige's voice barely rose above the spray
from the showerhead.
"I'm washing your damn hair."'
It's a constant battle on set between sexy home renovation reality star grumpy
Gannon and his no-nonsense field producer. Paige has zero time for
temperamental talent, especially one who acts like being in front of the
camera is the last thing he wants.

Mr. Sex in a Toolbelt has made it his mission in life to get a rise out of
her, but Paige is a master at locking down her temper. They're on the road
together working long hours fixing houses and changing lives. When cracks in
her legendary coolness start to show and sparks fly, Gannon is infatuated and
the cameras are there to capture it.

But he's fallen for pretty packages before and Paige won't be taken seriously
if she's caught sleeping with the star of her show. She also can't seem to
resist those big, rough hands. Those smoldery hazel eyes. The dimples. The
toolbelt. That fiercely protective vibe.

Too bad it's all about to fall apart.
She never should have trusted him.
He never should have let her go.
Author's Note: A protective grumpy hero, a not easily impressed heroine, the
worst human being on TV ever, a grand gesture so big you'll need a box of
tissues, and THAT SHOWER SCENE.
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