Autofrettage Technology and  Its Applications in Pressured  Apparatuses
EDP sciences
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Current Natural Sciences

Autofrettage Technology and Its Applications in Pressured Apparatuses

EDP sciences

Current Natural Sciences

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Pressured apparatuses (such as pressure vessels) are widely used in many
fields as key equipment including chemical, petrochemical, mechanical,
weaponry, aviation, aerospace, energy, material, food, metallurgical,
pharmaceutical and construction industries, etc. Autofrettage technology is an
effective measure to improve the safety and the load-bearing capability of
pressured apparatuses. This book comprehensively and systematically studies
autofrettage technology of pressured apparatuses to introduce many valued
phenomena and relevant laws. New theories of autofrettage technology are
established, and new autofrettage technologies are proposed in this book.
Authors present a large number of formulas, figures and application examples
to facilitate the understanding and application of the new theories and new
technologies. This book is characterized by strict demonstration and close
combination with practical application. It serves as a reference book for
analysis and design of pressured apparatuses which are widely used in many
industries, and provides learning and teaching materials for students,
teachers and engineers.
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