Strategies for the MCCQE Part II, Mastering the Clinical Skills Exam in Canada
Brush Education
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Strategies for the MCCQE Part II

Mastering the Clinical Skills Exam in Canada

Brush Education


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**The _one_ resource you _absolutely_ need for the MCCQE Part II. Up to date
with the MCC’s 2018 exam revisions.**

Prepare to ace the Medical Council of Canada’s clinical skills exam, the MCCQE
Part II. This is the most complete study guide available.

**_Strategies for the MCCQE Part II_ offers a strategic, efficient, and high-
yield approach to the exam,** covering every one of the clinical presentations
listed by the MCC, and taking into account the likely scenarios you’ll

**_Strategies_** breaks down each clinical presentation into three sections:

* **MCC particular objective(s): For each clinical presentation, _Strategies_** outlines the focus set by the MCC.
* **MCC differential diagnosis with added evidence: _Strategies_** unpacks the common causal conditions listed by the MCC for each clinical presentation.
* **Strategy for patient encounter: _Strategies_** breaks down in detail the tasks most likely to be required during the patient encounter, including history taking, physical exam, investigations, and management.

**_Strategies_** also helps you avoid common exam errors identified by the
MCC: it alerts you when clinical presentations may involve emergency care, it
models open-ended questions for history taking, it clarifies diagnostic goals
for history taking and physical exams, and it offers tips for appropriate
patient counselling.

**_Strategies for the MCCQE Part II_ takes the stress out of studying by
organizing the information you need to succeed on this crucial exam.**
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