The Exoplanets Revolution
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Current natural sciences

The Exoplanets Revolution

EDP Sciences

Current natural sciences


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More than 4300 planets around nearby stars! Who could have imagined this
extraordinary harvest only thirty years ago? As the vast majority of stars are
surrounded by planets, we can surmise that there must be more than a hundred
billion planets in our Galaxy. The Solar system is therefore very far from
unique. However, it looks quite different from most of the external systems
that we know today, but the variety of planetary systems is such that it is
difficult to conclude that the Solar System is truly particular. Understanding
how diverse planet systems were formed and how they evolved, studying the
nature of exoplanets and their atmospheres, are challenges that hundreds of
researchers around the world are working on. Does any of these planets harbor
life? We do not yet have an answer, but the new means of observation and
analysis that astronomers have and will soon have at their disposal are so
powerful that they could give a first answer in a few decades, and perhaps
even in a few years if we are lucky. This book gives a comprehensive vision of
this complex and fascinating area of research, presented in a simple and
lively way.
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