Sugar beet, A competitive innovation
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Sugar beet

A competitive innovation

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Sugar beet has entered the age of liberalism with the abolition of production
quotas in Europe. It finds itself on the world market and on an equal footing
with sugar cane.

France has benefited from the “AKER - Sugar beet 2020, a competitive
innovation” Investments for the Future Programme, which aims to double the
annual growth rate of the sugar yield per hectare of beet. It has made a
scientific breakthrough by researching all of the genetic diversity available
worldwide, and by carrying out genotyping before phenotyping. It is developing
new genetic material, available for introduction into future sugar beet
varieties. It also offers innovative

tools and methods in the fields of genotyping and phenotyping, supporting
players in the sector - beet growers and sugar manufacturers - in their
imperative improvement in competitiveness.

This book is mainly intended for scientists and professionals, and all those
interested in research, development and training in the plant sector. It has
just completed eight years of multidisciplinary work bringing together a
hundred scientists.

The AKER programme puts for a long time sugar beet in the top tier of
cultivated species and helps to provide the consumer with quality sugar
produced locally and under environmentally friendly conditions.

**The french version of this book, _[La betterave
sucriere)_ , is available on our website.**

**La version française de ce titre, _[La betterave
sucriere)_ , est disponible sur notre site.**
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