Ghana, One decade of the liberal state
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One decade of the liberal state



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« This is a ground-breaking, nuanced and comprehensive book that grapples with
how developing countries in general and Ghana in particular have endured and
responded to a decade of neo-liberal ascendancy. Based on astute research,
experiences and analysis, the book offers penetrating commentaries on recent
socio-economic and political developments in Ghana. A « must-read » collection
of excellent and stimulating ideas. » Mohamed Salih, Professor of Politics of
Development, University of Leiden and the Institute of Social Studies, The
Netherlands « This, the first book-length assessment of the latest experiment
in liberal democracy in Ghana, is a timely study. It shows in an admirable way
both the progress and the still existing shortcomings in the
institutionalization of liberal democracy and will undoubtedly attract a wide
readership in academic and policy-making circles. » Ghana has witnessed a «
revolution through the ballot box » since its return to constitutional rule in
1993. Yet this period of sustained democratic government in an era of
globalization and liberal triumphalism has brought with it new demands. How
has Ghana faced up to the problems of institution-building, state-market
relations and democratic leadership? Can it deal with the challenges posed by
security, human rights and foreign policy in the twenty-first century? This
unique collection interrogates all these issues and assesses the future of the
democratic experiment in one of sub-Saharan Africa's rare « islands of peace
». In doing so, it provides an invaluable guide to Ghana's political past,
present and future.
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