Fields of Peace, From Despair of WWI to hope for mankind
Editions Rhéartis
Date de publication
L'arrogance des mots

Fields of Peace

From Despair of WWI to hope for mankind

Editions Rhéartis

L'arrogance des mots


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There are no words to describe the violence, the madness of war, of an era...
And yet, throughout the pages, Patrick Charriez has managed to make poetry out
of this part of our world history. Words are our lives. They conceptualize our
thoughts, they belong to our daily life, but we rarely measure their scope,
their strength ...

Did we have to live all this to dive back into our “family” album and find
everything that unites us? More than 100 years later, the traces of the Great
War remain like an indelible ink in our memory, which sank Europe and the rest
of the world in its wake.

In order never to forget the high price paid in the First World War, the
author has selected vintage photographs that magnify his words and thoughts,
thus creating a sublime ode to peace and brotherhood, as well as to the memory
of these fighters for the freedom.

_ **Abstract:**_

_“I was deeply convinced that Madelon_

_He never chose his adoption camp_

_To dispense your affection,_

_And that the only victory in singing was that of... love.”_
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