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The Art of Bethany Spencer
Jean-Paul Thomin
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The Art of Bethany Spencer

Jean-Paul Thomin


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What is art? The question has haunted us since the beginning. The appearance
and subsequent evolution of the digital age have certainly granted it a
greater importance than ever before. 3D drawing, the use of software and
graphic tablet for illustration and paint, fractal art, photography enriched
by painting and vice-versa are some of the new techniques which have appeared
in the last fifteen years. And then there are these bewitching pictures which
sometimes appear, and which are composed through the curation of various
elements; foliage, animals, objects, characters, etc., all borrowed here and
there on the Web by the artists. Does such a process of virtual assembly
qualify as art? There comes a time when the sum of technical abilities,
imagination and creative vision far surpasses the level of a hobby or of
handicrafts to enter another dimension where what is created calls to us in a
multiplicity of ways.
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