Tyndale Bible - Pentateuch, Jonah, New Testament, adapted for ebook by Theospace
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Tyndale Bible - Pentateuch, Jonah, New Testament

adapted for ebook by Theospace



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Tyndale’s Bible is credited with being the first English translation to work
directly from Hebrew and Greek texts, and was the first that was mass
produced. This Bible contains the 33 books he translated: the Pentateuch,
Jonah and the New Testament. We've now reworked it as an ebook.

Theospace works with some of the major Bible Societies in producing their
ebibles, and thought we'd bring the best of our technology to some well known,
and well loved, public domain translations, including this one. Making the
bible easy and fast to use, adding in various notes and glossaries, without
making the text cluttered, are hallmarks of our approach. Find out more at

This version contains :

\- the text of the Tyndale's bible. Any additional content is hidden behind
hyperlinks so as not to distract from the text itself.
\- an overview page per book containing a link to each chapter, and to the
index. Locating a passage is much faster than ebooks without this feature.
\- two indexes. On e-ink readers, several clicks are required to get to the
main index. We've created a second one, accessible from each book overview, so
you can get around the Bible faster, spending less time clicking, and more
time reading.
\- smartphone-adapted navigation. Each verse has a hyperlink to the start of
the chapter - useful for quickly checking the context, or for then clicking
through to the book's menu. You'll be surprised how useful this can be on a
small screen!

We hope you enjoy reading this publication. Please leave us any ideas or
messages to improve your experience further.
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